The Undergraduate Dietetic Student Association (UDSA) is a student organization that was founded by the dietetic students at Cal in 1997 to meet the needs of its members while also providing service to the larger community, both inside and outside of the University. The organization is run entirely by the students, who set both the direction for the organization and the agenda for each year, based on the members’ inputs.

*As of 2005, UDSA was renamed Student Dietetic Association (SDA).

*As of 2014, SDA was renamed Students Nutrition Advocacy Club (SNAC).

Over the years of its existence, the SDA has been involved in community service, academic support, and social functions. Its activities are limited only by the creativity of members and the needs of the community.

The organization also sponsors guest speakers at their regular meetings. Many of these speakers discuss new ideas and innovations in dietetics or nutrition.

SDA held the first Dietetics Conference in collaboration with SFSU and Santa Rosa Junior College on November 15, 2012,  which several Registered Dietitians were invited to talk about their DI and early career experiences. The organization is also working to organize this event again in Fall 2013, to enrich the students’ knowledge in the field of dietetics.

Social activities have included potluck lunches, end of semester parties, pizza parties, etc. The biggest advantage of membership in the SDA, however, is the leadership opportunities that it provides to its members. These are available to officers and members alike. Any member can take on the leadership of a project that will benefit the organization or the community. The skills learned while working on these projects strengthen your portfolio and improve the your chances of succeeding in graduate school, a dietetic internship, or both. I encourage each of you to become an active member of your student organization! It will do great things for you, in more ways than you can imagine!

- Nancy Hudson (Former UDSA Advisor)